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Primula auricula Balbithan - lovely neat purple flowers on a small leaved dainty plant. Given to Abriachan by the legendary Mrs. McMurtrie of Balbithan. Possibly a pubescens hybrid.
Primula auricula Bellamy Pride -
Primula auricula Bethan McSparron -
Primula auricula Blue Night -
Primula auricula Blue velvet - rich bright dark blue, sweetly scented flowers. A very floriferous, strong plant.
Primula auricula Blue Waves -
Primula auricula Border Bandit -
Primula auricula Bradmore Bluebell -
Primula auricula Brownie -
Primula auricula Chamois - lovely slightly frilled flowers the colour of chamois leather. A P. x pubescens ‘Rufus’ and yellow P. auricula cross raised by John Mercer.
Primula auricula Curry blend - small curry yellow flowers with a cream centre. A lovely plant raised by Ike Hawthorn.
Primula auricula Dales Red -
Primula auricula Dr lennon's white - an old, scarce variety, with white flowers. 
Primula auricula Eden Alexander -
Primula auricula Eden Blue star -
Primula auricula Eden David -
Primula auricula Eden Goldfinch -
Primula auricula Eden Greenfinch -
Primula auricula Eden Moonlight -
Primula auricula Frittenden Yellow - a bright yellow flowered plant.
Primula auricula George  Harrison - white flowered with a lime green centre. Quite neat and floriferous.
Primula auricula Gnome - a small very neat plant with velvety deep brick red flowers.
Primula Auricula Goeblii - sky blue heavily scented flowers, rare and old fashioned (x pubescens type).
Primula Auricula Hyacintha - blue mauve scented flowers, strong growing, rare and much sought after.
Primula Auricula Janet Watts -
Primula Auricula Julie Nutall -
Primula Auricula Lamberts Gold -
Primula Auricula Lavender Lady -
Primula Auricula Leathercoat - pinky beige with golden eye, reminiscent of 'George Swinford's Leathercoat' and Leather Jacket so could this be it under another name?
Primula Auricula Lemon Sherbet -
Primula Auricula Lucy Lockett - a plant of very good form with lemon-scented pale lemon flowers.
Primula Auricula McWatt's Blue -
Primula Auricula Moonlight - scented, soft buttercream yellow and white flowers. Lovely delicate looking plant!
Primula Auricula x Northern Lights -
Primula Auricula Old Clove Red - clove-scented, rich dark red flowers with a white mealed centre.  
Primula Auricula Old Purple Dusty Miller -
Primula Auricula Old Red Dusty Miller -
Primula Auricula Old Red - rich dark red frilled flowers with a yellow/white centre.
Primula Auricula Old Suffolk Bronze - plain red, scented flowers edged with ginger. Unusually coloured and lovely plant!
Primula Auricula old Yellow Dusty Miller -
Primula auricula Osborne Green -   ragged purple and green flowers with large cream centre. A very vigorous plant originally found in 1983 in an old Irish cottage garden and named after the owner.
Primula auricula Powder Puff -
Primula auricula Purple Promise -
Primula auricula Purple Velvet - lovely plant with deep velvety purple slightly ruffled flowers held on strong sturdy stems.
Primula auricula Queen Alexandra - pale primrose, highly scented flowers.
Primula auricula Royal Velvet -  velvety crimson purple flowers with a large cream eye and frilled petals,
Primula auricula Ruby Hyde -
Primula auricula Rufus - a compact plant with bright brick red flowers.
Primula auricula Rusty Dusty - russet brown flowers speckled with farina.  
Primula auricula Shaun -
Primula auricula Starling - beautifully perfect plant with dark slate purple flowers covered in farina. Most unusual and gorgeous! Raised by Chris Gayfer from 'Old Irish Blue' in 1980.   XX £5.00 XX
Primula auricula Timpany Blues -
Primula auricula Wedgewood -
Primula auricula Windways Mystery -
Primula auricula Winifred - golden brown and yellow flowers with a wide white band and gold centre. A neat plant. Not to be confused with the gold-centred alpine 'Winnifrid'! 

Border auricula from £4.00


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